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MySpace Fanatics Test the Mobile Experience

According to the latest Strategy Analytics research study, "MySpace Mobile Gives Social Networking Addicts Their Fix," users of the website had positive impressions of MySpace Mobile usability and convenience, however, study participants showed concern for privacy protection and network performance inconsistencies.

A group of "MySpace fanatics" were chosen to test MySpace mobile on both Cingular and Helio in a week-long study during which they recorded usage patterns, along with positive and negative experiences.

According to Pamela De Luca, User Experience Research Analyst, "Although most participants thoroughly enjoyed accessing MySpace mobile while on the go or in the workplace, some were stunned to discover that Helio did not protect private profile accounts on the on the Helio MySpace mobile service."

Kevin Nolan, Director of User Experience Research, added, "Aside from the privacy concerns, participants were pleased with the opportunity to log onto MySpace from their mobile device, especially when PCs were not available. Overall, they were satisfied with attainable mobile content on both services."

Yet, users expressed concern for poor network performance, such as connection speed and picture downloads. Most agreed that network performance would have to improve before they would subscribe to either service.

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