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Consumers Rate Apple iPhone Experience

The Strategy Analytics wireless device labs recently tested consumer perceptions of the new Apple iPhone experience in a series of research panels. Their resulting study reports on the iPhone's perceived superior performance.

In a joint research effort between its Wireless Device Lab and Intelligent System Strategies program, Strategy Analytics explored the appeal of iPhone features, developed comparisons with current products, investigated the nature of the iPhone experience, and gained insights on design criteria for future mobile devices.

"An overwhelming 90 percent of respondents gave the iPhone higher marks than their current handset, and over 40 percent of respondents rated the iPhone much better across key functional categories -- including music player, web browsing, voice mail, and phone call management -- indicating real innovation in designing a user experience," said Harvey Cohen, President of Strategy Analytics, who conducted this research study.

"While the iPhone wow factor is impressive, our user panels indicated that challenges in pricing and positioning may act as a barrier to mass-market success," said Kevin Nolan, Director of User Experience Research at Strategy Analytics. "Nonetheless, the iPhone clearly represents a breakthrough in terms of the user experience."

I believe that, given the apparent design considerations, the Apple iPhone wasn't conceived as being a mainstream mobile device, so perhaps the pricing and positioning is as it should be -- for a premium high-margin product offering intended for upscale gadget users.

Note, Strategy Analytics captured consumer responses to video presentations of iPhone features developed by Apple using its panel of advanced mobile device buyers. Actual results are listed in the above chart. It's interesting that the UI for "texting" wasn't considered to be superior.

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