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China Smartphone Market Explosive Growth

Driven by the continuous functional improvement of Smartphones, the introduction of mid-range models, better designs, and the enrichment of third-party applications, 10.46 million devices shipped in China in 2006 -- that's double from 2005 -- according to In-Stat.

The explosive growth indicates that the Chinese Smartphone market will soon enter the mass adoption stage, the high-tech market research firm says. Entertainment functions are Chinese Smartphone owners' primary favorites, rather than productivity functions, according to the latest In-Stat market survey.

"The most important three factors respondents would consider when purchasing their next Smartphone are function, brand and price," says Raymond Yan, In-Stat analyst. "Security, Internet access and synchronization with PCs are the top three problems that existing Smartphone users thought needed improvement."

I believe that all three problems are related to device usability -- which is consistent with results from other mobile phone user studies from various markets around the world.

The research report entitled "Entertainment is Key to Smartphone in China" covers the market for Smartphones in China. It provides analysis of an In-Stat consumer survey of Chinese wireless phone users. Analysis of the attitudes and perceptions of respondents towards Smartphones -- both of current and potential users -- is provided.

In-Stat's market study found the following:

- 97.9 percent of Smartphone users would purchase another Smartphone when their current phone needs replacement.

- More than half of Smartphone owners paid $25 or more every month for wireless services, 30 percent higher than that of non-Smartphone users.

- Most Smartphone users have no idea about the operating system (OS) of the phone and do not care about it when purchasing Smartphones.

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