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Mobile Phone Multimedia Accessory Market

You may be surprised to learn that the market for mobile phone accessories will generate over $32 billion in revenues in 2007 -- of which more than half will come from accessories that support multimedia features in handsets.

This growth includes mobile phone accessories such as audio headsets, memory cards, and data connection kits. According to ABI Research industry analyst Shailendra Pandey, "Expanding multimedia features in handsets are the most important factor contributing to the growth of the mobile phone accessories market."

The popularity of handsets with music playback features is resulting in strong demand for stereo earphones and headsets. Audio and video playback capabilities have resulted in users wanting to store an increasing number of media files on their mobile phones, contributing to the growth of memory card sales.

Also, the need for connecting the mobile phone to a desktop PC or laptop computer -- for transferring multimedia and data files -- means a growing market for connectivity accessory products such as various types of data connection cables.

In addition to batteries and chargers, says Pandey, "A number of mobile phones include the multimedia accessories in-box with the handsets. This is because handset vendors are recognizing that to increase sales of their high-end feature-rich mobile phones and smartphones, they need to provide accessories that enable users to enjoy and benefit fully from the multimedia features provided in those handsets."

Operators are also happy to see more accessories being provided in-box, as these help generate greater usage of their multimedia value-added services. Nevertheless, aftermarket sales of these accessories are also witnessing strong growth, and many new companies are beginning to address the market opportunity.

ABI Research expects the market for mobile phone accessories to grow steadily in the next five years and generate over $80 billion in revenues in 2012. The continuing innovation and further advancements in technology, coupled with the increasing desire of customers to personalize their handsets, bodes well for the future of the market potential.

A recent ABI study examines the market landscape for mobile phone accessory products. It discusses the various types of mobile phone accessories, their features and pricing, key suppliers, market outlook, and vendor market share analysis for key accessories -- as well as providing in-depth analysis for both in-box and after-market mobile phone accessories.

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