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Friday, January 11, 2008

Hong Kong World's Leading IPTV Market

Broadband service bundling is common in advanced Asia-Pacific markets. Hong Kong is still the world's leading IPTV market, according to the latest market study by Ovum.

Bundling also occurs in some emerging markets, though the extent and nature of service bundling varies considerably across the Asia-Pacific region.

Customers in Asia-Pacific are increasingly purchasing two or more telecommunications services. Apart from fixed telephony, Asia-Pacific customers in the region are heavy users of mobile services, and several Asia-Pacific markets lead in the penetration of broadband services.

- In emerging markets, the prevalence of prepaid services creates problems for traditional bundling strategies. Also, the broadband and content markets are immature but fast growing, and bundling has not yet become important.

- Fixed telephony rather than broadband is often the central product of bundled offers in Asia-Pacific market.

- Quad-play is rare in the region and it is expected to remain the case for some time.

- Overall, bundling is less common and intense in Asia-Pacific than it is in Europe, due to lower competitive pressure from resale and cable rivals.