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Friday, June 06, 2008

415 Million Broadband Subscribers Globally

Worldwide broadband subscriptions will reach 415 million in 2008, representing one billion discrete broadband users, according to the latest market study by Strategy Analytics.

The number of broadband subscriptions will continue to grow to 621 million by 2012. While DSL remains the dominant access technology, accounting for two-thirds of worldwide subscriptions, newer access technologies are taking hold.

"Fiber and WiMax will increasingly displace traditional broadband access technologies, such as DSL and Cable," said Ben Piper, Director at Strategy Analytics.

"This phenomenon is punctuated by the Asia-Pacific region, where WiMax is expected to grow from 4.8 million subscriptions in 2008 to 23 million by 2012."

Worldwide, broadband service revenues will increase from $130 billion in 2008 to $190 billion in 2012, with Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America leading the way. This represents a 10.8 percent CAGR (2008-2012). Globally, broadband ARPUs are expected to remain relatively stable during the forecast period.

Global household penetration rates will continue to grow at a steady pace, approaching 35 percent in the next five years. Latin America and Asia-Pacific will make up half of all global broadband subscriptions by 2012.

Their report provides in-depth coverage for 50 countries in six discrete regions, and includes forecasts through 2012 of key metrics, including broadband penetration, service revenues, ARPUs and subscribers by technology.