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Friday, July 04, 2008

Digital Media Engagement and Advert Metrics

MTV Networks (MTVN) and Harris Interactive research reveals a companion metric to measuring audience size, offering a new way for advertisers to potentially target the most engaged and valuable TV and online audiences.

Their research study confirms that not all programming viewers are created equal and that the value of television and online advertising grows as viewers connect with marketing messages across multiple device screens.

Following-up on its prior case study, MTV Networks and Harris Interactive conducted research across MTVN's brands, which provides empirical evidence that audiences develop stronger emotional connections to content and advertising messages when they consume and interact with them across multiple platforms.

In total, more than 20,000 respondents between 13 and 49 participated in evaluating MTV Networks' programs, as well as competitive programs, networks and websites along a series of questions geared to defining a scalable and predictive engagement measurement model that, in effect, unlocks the value of engagement for marketers.

Specifically, this study reveals that some viewers are significantly more engaged with the content than others. These viewers with higher engagement are more likely to remember seeing adverts, internalize the message and be motivated by it to share more about the content and advertising with others -- when compared with those that are less engaged.

This translates into increased purchase intent -- up to two- and three-times -- among viewers for brands that advertise in engagement-rich environments.

As media touch points have multiplied for consumers during the past decade, many producers and marketers have struggled to understand the factors driving audience engagement with brands and programming in this multi-platform environment that includes television, online and mobile devices.

The level of engagement with digital media has critical implications for an advertiser. Advancing technologies, especially Web-based, are altering consumers' relationships with brands, particularly among those whom are most tightly engaged with the program.