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Old Media Missing the Web Opportunity

Red Herring reports how Newspapers and TV stations need to make their web sites more interactive and customizable -- As traditional news outlets like newspapers and TV stations grapple with moving online, they must cultivate key audiences including 35- to 44-year-olds, who are the biggest consumers of online sources, a study shows.

Some 24 percent of this demographic, which includes members of Generation X and Baby Boomers, get their news online. Meanwhile, only 19 percent of these same consumers read newspapers, according to a report from JupiterResearch. Contrast that with people over 55. Some 41 percent of them read newspapers intensively.

The audience for online news is often separate and distinct from the audience that consumes news in print or on television, said the report. And the web audience isn�t satisfied with news that�s merely recycled from a paper or a broadcast, Jupiter said in the report published last week. This explains in part why many major newspaper chains aren�t boosting traffic to their web sites to offset losses in circulation as much as they would like, the report said.

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