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BT Helps to Launch Global Digital Cinemas

TelecomTV reports that UK-based telco and global IT services company BT has announced a partnership with Digital Cinema Network Service(DCNS) to launch a worldwide digital cinema solution designed to offer a complete menu of products, systems and services, including state-of-the-art theater equipment, installation and comprehensive technical support. DCNS has appointed BT as its global system integrator to develop, install and operate its digital cinema solution, which, it says, promises to revolutionise the movie industry.

"We are thrilled that BT, one of the world's leading networked IT service providers, will be working with us to deliver this exciting new technology and comprehensive business solution to the global entertainment industry," said Malcolm Ferris, President and CEO, DCNS. "Besides providing audiences with better viewing experiences and options, the enabling technologies delivered by DCNS will also serve as catalysts to help filmmakers and production companies eliminate the limitations of 35mm film, while providing them with broad access to standards-based, affordable digital delivery."

The project has been in development for over four years. Fully scalable, the solution will be the first to provide secure "point and click" satellite delivery of DCI-compatible films, remote technical support and monitoring, diagnosis and preventive maintenance capabilities. In another unique feature, the DCNS solution will also present DCI-compatible films utilizing all of the leading high-quality, high-resolution digital cinema projection systems available from Sony, NEC, Barco, and Christie. It will also support 3-D, pre-show advertising, trailers and live entertainment events.

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