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Vodafone Manager Chairs OSS/J Initiative

Jorg Frankenberger, head of OSS Engineering, Vodafone D2 GmbH, has been named chair of the OSS through JavaT Initiative, which aims to help service providers find ways to regain control of their Operations Support Systems (OSS) and achieve the opportunities of the convergence era by quickly and cost-effectively introducing new products and services.

The OSS through Java Initiative is chartered to develop OSS functional APIs that accelerate the development of innovative OSS/BSS solutions where all applications function together. The Initiative's APIs are aligned with the widely adopted TeleManagement Forum's (TMF) NGOSS (New Generation Operations Systems and Software) framework, and have been formally endorsed by TMF as the most comprehensive technology specific implementation of NGOSS. The APIs are standardized under the latest Java Community Process (JCP) program. The initiative builds on the success of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EET), XML, and Web Services technologies in enterprise applications and e-commerce.

As an immediate result of the increased influence of service providers adopting OSS/J technology, the Initiative has re-prioritized certain technical deliverables, and recently made available Web Services profiles for its Trouble Ticket API (JSR 91) and its OSS Common API (JSR 144). Web Services specifications for all other OSS/J APIs will be available by April 2006.

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