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IFC Plans to Become Indie Digital Film Studio

Hollywood Reporter -- Documentary films have become the new calling cards. Indie theatrical distributors like ThinkFilm have used documentaries to carve out a distinct niche in the marketplace.

Suddenly, docus are hot on the Independent Film Channel as well. About 18 months ago, IFC, which had been producing original documentaries that appeared as specials twice a year on the cable channel, decided to increase its output by developing an ongoing slate of original docus. At the National Cable & Television Association (NCTA) convention in Atlanta, IFC has been touting the results, a schedule of upcoming docus, most produced for $1 million or less.

IFC's current commitment to docus represents "a change in business philosophy," said Evan Shapiro, general manager and executive VP of IFC TV. "We went from using documentaries as a way to augment original productions on the network to a different kind of financing and business model." Shapiro added "We really want to become an independent digital film studio."

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