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The Digital Lifestyle Forum, London, England

Consumer confidence in handling digital technology has developed rapidly as products such as the MP3 player, PVR, laptop PC and PDA have become progressively mainstream. This enhanced public adeptness has led to increased awareness and demand to be able to do more with their content.

By delivering fully portable or mobile services and content, companies looking to succeed in the 'digital lifestyle' will be tapping into consumer trends towards having things anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyhow for anybody.

The digital lifestyle means that the opportunities in the connected home now extend beyond the boundaries of a house. It provides the chance to convert the latest technologies, services and applications into valued and compelling experiences for the consumer. This forum has been created with an emphasis on discussion, debate and interaction to enable participants to compare ideas and strategies, as well as identify potential partnerships.

The event will examine how to create profitable and convincing digital lifestyle packages and services and will address issues such as:

-How will you interact effectively with the consumer market?
-What are the major drivers behind the digital lifestyle?
-How important is the role of content in driving uptake?
-What are the business models that will drive the digital lifestyle and connected home forward to capture a wider market?

3rd Annual Digital Lifestyle Forum: Beyond the connected home
Maximising revenue opportunities by developing compelling consumer propositions and effective business models to drive the uptake of the connected home and digital lifestyle.
28th & 29th June 2006, Central London, UK

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