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Legacy TV Wants Your Online Ad Revenue

Financial Times reports that U.S. television broadcasters and cable networks are for the first time pitching for millions of advertising dollars by highlighting their ability to reach internet and on-demand audiences alongside traditional viewers.

Media buyers said they had noticed the trend during annual negotiations over US television time. Donna Speciale, president at Mediavest, a large ad-buying agency, said: "What is new is that the networks are really focusing on digital. Some of the presentations are even starting with the digital component. That has never happened before."

This kind of negotiation is expected to become more common this year, reflecting changes in media consumption. Although television viewing still takes up more time than other activities, the ability to fast-forward through commercials and watch programming at any time has led to a rethink of the role of the traditional 30-second ad.

Internet advertising is the fastest-growing sector, increasing in the U.S. by over 30 percent last year to $12.5 billion (�9.9bn). Media companies have made efforts to capture this rather than watch the money go to internet companies such as Google and Yahoo.

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