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Swisscom Fixnet Offers Interactive 'Betty TV'

The interactive TV offering "Betty TV" is being launched just in time for the World Cup. The company behind the product is Betty TV (Schweiz) AG, founded by Swisscom Fixnet Ltd and headquartered in Zurich.

Since spring of this year, Swisscom Fixnet has been testing use of the interactive remote control, Betty, with around 4,000 households on the TV channels SF 2, RTL, Sat.1, Pro7, Star TV and Tele Barn. The high level of acceptance by the customers involved prompted Swisscom Fixnet to step up its commitment in this area, resulting in the founding of Betty TV (Schweiz) AG and subsequent market launch in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

The interactive remote control has its own display and features buttons for direct TV interaction. Betty replaces the conventional type of remote control and its additional offerings provide true added value for customers. The content for the so-called Betty-Events, which include competitions, quiz games, polls, surveys, information and advertising, is compiled in close collaboration with the TV channels. Betty remote controls can be purchased from Swisscom Shops and MediaMarkt for CHF 69.

Betty TV reception is available throughout Switzerland, albeit for the time being in German only. In conjunction with the respective TV channels, work is under way to extend coverage in Italian and French.

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