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Massively Multiplayer Online Games Growing

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street, video game console makers, and game publishers have expressed enthusiasm for massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) since the advent of consoles that connect online to the Internet in 2002.

Their optimism is fueled by Vivendi's example: its MMO game "World of Warcraft" boasts 6.5 million subscribers, according to, a research site founded by game authority Bruce Woodcock. Otherwise, the industry's wish to build the category pertains to the nature of MMOGs.

Wall Street analysts and chief financial officers say MMOGs generate recurring revenue for those who own and operate them, thanks to monthly subscription billings, and in-game advertising. Research also suggests that there is room for new leaders to emerge in the U.S. market. shows that only 12 titles in the MMOG category this year boast an audience size of more than 120,000 subscribers -- including "Warcraft," by far the leader of the pack.

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