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Meet With New Media and Internet Leaders

IBDNetwork, the producers of the acclaimed Under the Radar conference, announced a call for companies for its 'Momentum Growth Conference,' a showcase for growing companies with real customers, real revenue, real partnerships, and real strategies for successful exits.

This year's conference will focus on the exploding digital convergence ecosystem - from content creation to distribution and everything in between. Momentum will also bring together digital convergence market leaders such as Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN, News Corporation, Viacom, and many more. The format includes:

- Keynotes and panel discussions on market trends and industry sectors featuring key industry players and Momentum Growth companies.
- Breakout sessions on business issues surrounding growth-stage companies.
- The Partner Pavilion featuring the newest products from new media and Internet leaders.
- The Momentum Growth Circle showcasing new products from rising stars.

Companies may submit requests to attend in one of these categories:

- Content Creators and Publishers
- Technology Enablers
- Content Aggregators
- Distributors
- Advertising and Marketing Services
- Infrastructure Players

Nominations are submitted online, and are due by August 15.

Momentum Growth Conference
produced by IBDNetwork/Under the Radar
September 27-28, 2006 | Computer History Museum | Mountain View, CA

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