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MobileWiMAX Lets Broadband Get Personal

Personal broadband is emerging as one of the hottest areas of growth within mobile data. It enables users to enjoy the same user experience they have at home or in the office wherever they go.

WiMAX is an innovative technology that will make personal broadband services profitable to service providers and widely available to business and consumer subscribers at affordable prices. The first mobile WiMAX products are expected to be introduced into the market at the end of 2006 or in the first quarter of 2007 and will be followed in the second half of the year by equipment with multiple advanced antenna capabilities�MIMO and beamforming�for higher throughput and capacity.

The WiMAX Forum believes that mobile WiMAX services complement existing and future broadband technologies, both wired and wireless, to best assure the coverage and capacity requirements to meet consumer demand. Clearly any technology that is complementary can also be competitive and it is up to service providers to decide how to best take advantage of WiMAX and how to ensure that their operation remains profitable for the long term.

Among the broad mix of service providers trialing or committed to deploy mobile WiMAX are wireline incumbents, 3G and 2G mobile operators, DSL and cable modem operators, CLECs, WISPs, greenfield operators and MVNOs. A new white paper entitled "MobileWiMAX: The Best Personal Broadband Experience" is available now from the WiMAX Forum.

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