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Digital Display Advertising Network Growth

According to a Profitable Channels research study, out-of-home digital advertising networks -- networks that can deliver advertising in stores, movies theatres, office buildings, doctors' offices and malls -- are important marketing and communications channels that marketers should add to the marketing and media mix.

Marketing executives who target professionals, young shoppers and mass affluent households or sell through retail channels should invest in these channels because they are viable and effective channels and a good investment.

Marketers that rely heavily on national advertising will need to master how to market through a diverse set of alternative digital platforms like out-of-home digital ad networks to effectively reach national audiences and remain competitive. This analysis of consumer behavior, industry trends and marketing best practices found that:

- Marketers are investing $1.2 Billion of their national media budgets in out-of-home digital advertising networks -- because they solve many of the problems plaguing traditional media and deliver five unique capabilities: measurable sales impact; point-of-purchase proximity; customer targeting; purchaser relevance; and local sales support.

- These networks are valuable marketing and communications channels -- providing superior cost to sell, market coverage, marketing resources control and alignment with customer behavior relative to other media. They are a high-return media investment, delivering greater relevance and more measurable sales impact closer to the purchase decision-making point to marketers that rely on retail channels or target high value clients.

- The most mature networks are ready to be added to the marketing and media mix now -- a dozen professionally managed networks based in supermarkets, big-box retail, cinemas, office buildings and shopping-mall venues have "crossed the chasm" and already delivering national reach and measurable value to marketers, retailers and consumers.

- Out-of-home digital ad networks are accelerating several go-to-market trends -- changing how marketers reach national audiences, how media resources are allocated and measured; and how agencies staff their client teams, plan media and create campaigns.

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