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Global Digital Content Consumption Rankings

Latest research from Informa shows Asia-Pacific continuing to dominate digital media. The Converging Media (CM) Index published quarterly by Informa revealed the region is home to three of the world's top-four digital content markets.

Hong Kong's CM Index was 38.9 at the end of 1Q06, up more than 2 points on the market's end of 2005 figure. "That kind of metric, bolstered by very high levels of fixed broadband and digital TV penetration, puts Hong Kong some way ahead of other advanced countries in the region" comments Steve Mullins, editor of Informa Telecoms & Media's Research Service Converging Media.

South Korea grabbed third place in the global rankings with a CM Index of 29.3, though the market really isn't growing at present, while Japan came in fourth on 28.3, boasting a fast moving mobile broadband subscriber base -- up 5.5 million in the first quarter of the year for a penetration rate of 27 percent at the end of March.

The UK, previously ranked first was the only European entrant in top five of the rankings with a CM Index of 32.6. "A large part of that market's standing is based on the UK's digital TV usage" explained Mullins -- the country had 17.6 million subscribers at the end of 1Q06 -- but the fixed broadband customer base is also heading toward maturity with first quarter growth of 10 percent pushing the penetration rate to almost 43 percent.

Finland was Europe's second ranked digital nation with a CM Index of 25.4, thanks largely to its 9.9 million digital TV and 8.5 million fixed broadband users. Mobile broadband is beginning to take off in that market too, with cellcos reporting more than 130,000 subscribers at the end of 1Q06, up 70 percent on the close of 2005.

Canada is the Americas' highest placed digital market, with its CM Index of 27.7 giving it fifth place in the global rankings. The Canadian market beats out the U.S. in joint eighth place, by close to 5 points thanks to its fixed broadband performance -- a penetration rate of 57 percent, compared to the U.S. market's 36 percent penetration.

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